To promote and defend the dignity of the human person
  • Our Vision

We envision a society in which families play their role in bringing up and educating responsible citizens who will have a positive impact on the environment

  • Our Mission

We work to make every home in Nigeria bright and cheerful through holistic education, advocacy for good governance, humanitarian services, family and youth empowerment and thus, help our country achieve the sustainable development goals

About Happy Homes Foundation

Happy Home Foundation (HHF) is a pro-life and pro-family not for profit organization registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission since 2006. The overall goal of HHF is to promote and defend the dignity of human life and the human person, the rights and welfare of women, children and the family. We are advocates for the family, women, children and youth

Our Core Values



Positive Cultural Values

Spirit of Service



Our Ten Point Agenda

  • To bring about values re-orientation among youths
  • To preserve and protect marriage and strengthen the natural family while bringing needed humanitarian services to them
  • To educate the populace, imparting skills for economic empowerment, leadership qualities and societal values.
  • To preserve and protect life before and after birth till natural death
  • To preserve and protect the rights of parents to direct the education of their children in moral, spiritual and intellectual matters
  • To preserve and protect the rights of youths to gainful and wholesome employment through skills acquisition programmes. To equip them with skills to face the challenges of adolescence, leadership and parental roles
  • To preserve and protect the rights of children to wholesome education and environment through character education
  • To defend, promote and foster concern and respect for the dignity and rights of every human being from conception to natural death
  • To promote and foster good governance, community and women participation in democratic institutions and assemblies
  • To educate the public, policy makers and the media about the challenges and opportunities facing families and intervene in laws and policy making to ensure that they are family friendly

Our Projects

Chairperson Speaking To The People Of Olo In Ezeagu LGA During A Medical Outreach

Pregnancy Help Centre

Happy Home Foundation has been at the forefront of the defense of the dignity of the human person, the welfare of women, children, the youth and the family in Nigeria. In line with our set objectives we have found it necessary to set up a Pregnancy Help Centre in Enugu.

15% of adolescents in Enugu State and environs are school dropouts due to the prevailing economic crunch. Covid-19 has worsened the situation. A large number of jobless and uneducated youths are roaming the streets. The unemployed and uninformed are more prone to crime, restiveness, and exploitation. The increasing rate of human trafficking and teenage pregnancy in the State is worrisome.

Poverty and unemployment have been adduced as the main causes of teenage pregnancy. Adolescent girls in the poorest households are 3 times more likely to become pregnant. Lack of education especially in rural areas is also a contributing factor. The birth rate among the girls without education is 4 times higher than for those with education. Girls living in rural areas are more likely to become pregnant than those living in the urban areas. The marginalization which women and girls experience can only be reduced to the barest minimum if they are adequately equipped to change their situation.

Through our empowerment, education, humanitarian and legislative projects, we try to develop the capacity of women and girls especially those in the rural areas. However, the problem of teenage pregnancy and subsequent rejection by their families and society has to be addressed.

Most pregnant adolescents do not receive adequate quality health care. Existing Health Care Facilities focus more on the babies while neglecting the needs of their teenage mothers. Early motherhood increases the risks of dying at child birth and adversely affects the wellbeing of both the mothers and their babies. The statistics is staggering! Girls younger than 15 years are 5 times more prone to die in child birth than women in their 20s. Adolescent pregnancy contributes 30-40% of maternal deaths.

Happy Home Foundation has set up a Pregnancy Help Centre to provide shelter, emotional support, and medical care for these teenage girls and to reintegrate them back into the society at the end of their confinement. The Centre will also provide them entrepreneurship training, vocational skills development and character formation.

We believe that an unplanned pregnancy can have a happy ending with the needed support and the journey can be made safe for both mother and child. Maternal and child mortality need not continue to be a threat in Nigeria.

Cross Section Of Participants At CBM Program


Through conferences, capacity building workshops and seminars we educate the public on the welfare of women, youth and families. Our family and youth enrichment & empowerment programmes equip families and youths with the basic skills to play their respective roles in the society

Drug Dispensing Unit At Medical Outreach In Amechi Idodo2

Humanitarian Services

Through free medical outreach programmes for rural dwellers and humanitarian aid programmes, we reach out to vulnerable, disadvantaged people including prisoners, motherless babies, mentally challenged and old people. We also seek to promote the reduction of HIV/AIDS, and Maternal and Child Mortality through provision of adequate and quality health care.


Enrichment and Empowerment Programmes

Our family, youth enrichment and empowerment programmes impart skills for values re-orientation, economic self-reliance and effective leadership

Our Team



Professor Mabel U. Akpuaka is a retired professor of Organic and Natural Product Chemistry from the Department of Pure and Industrial Chemistry, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State. There she built an impactful career and played a strategic role in building up the Department as Head of Department, Coordinator of Postgraduate Program, Director, School of General Studies, Senate and University Council member. She was the leader of the Organic section for 26 years. She became a Professor in 2003 and published widely in National and International Journals of high impact factor thus contributing to Chemical Literature


Mrs. Virginia Nkechi Nwanne

Mrs. Virginia Nkechi Nwanne is a University Lecturer and Head of Department of English Language and Literary Studies at Caritas University Enugu. She is Director of Marriage and Family Life Education in Happy Home Foundation. She organizes and participates in marriage and family life seminars and skill acquisition education as well as the annual family Christmas parties for children and parents. She also participates in the Happy Home Foundation Charity Visits to the less privileged.


Barr. ( Mrs.) Dympna Anne Chinwe Ezeani

Barr. ( Mrs.) Dympna Anne Chinwe Ezeani, the Chairperson, serves the Happy Home Foundation (HHF) as the head of the executive. She plans projects, fixes and calls meetings and shares out jobs according to portfolios. 

She sees to the daily affairs of the foundation and ensures that the routine projects are continued.

She likes her job because the mission and vision of HHF helps her to actualise her profession and vocation as a lawyer and mother. She does so by promoting justice, respect, dignity, for mothers and every other member of the family, thus helping them to appreciate their own dignity as human persons.

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Happy Home Foundation (HHF) is a pro-life and pro-family non-governmental (NGO), not for profit organization, registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission since 2006.

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